Submitted by - Randi Drew

 Okay..So most of you that know me by now, know I am easily distracted by shinny things, cute things, and pulsing flashes of light. What? Like you aren't, okay so maybe you aren't. But that being said, other than say pinball, I haven't really had a game that has distracted me like this in a while, besides again pinball, and WTF ( I love the sort the chicks game in that). WTF, or W.ork T.ime F.un, has a lot of great mindless mini games to offer, but I digress...

   (BEHOLD- The siege which is your suburban lawn!!!)
      OH! We were talking about Plants vs. Zombies. I got the download to try on Steam's site, the full game is ten bucks, not bad for unlimited cheesy fun! In this game you have a yard, and you plant defensive plants which defend you against various types of zombies. Pea-shooters are great, my favorites are the potato landmines and the “puff-shrooms”. There are even cherry bombs..which are exploding cherries, and some kind of man eating plant, that looks like something out of Little Shop of Horrors! Don't you love musical, cannibalistic plants? :D

    You also get a neighbor by the name of Crazy Dave, who reminds me of a combination of Wilson (from Home Improvement), an escapee from a State Hospital, and a redneck (I think it is the pot on his head). Crazy Dave often comes over to shoot the shit with useful zombie info, or just to sell you stuff. Everytime I read him, I have a redneck accent, I think he does talk, but I just yell the accent over him, it is more fun!

(Is that a pot on your head or..yup that's a pot.)
    This game is awesome, I am hooked. I got a small trial, and I am freaking out for when I can download this and TF2. In the meantime, while I suffer from withdrawls, I will probably watch anime on Hulu. Hopefully it will take the edge off. I miss you already, Crazy Dave!!!! X'D