Ok, just a few things to keep it simple. Some of this is going to be dickish but 'dems the breaks! 
For the most part, the forums and chat will be for everyone, please keep this in mind when you talk or post. I am only pulling a password for the games. So that being said, try to keep language and content down to a dull roar. I am not really in it to censor, given our site's content, so most things are reasonable except for harassment, trolling, OCC drama (because mainly I don't really wanna hear it), and spam. If you have any issues or someone is being an out of character jerk, email me, and I will sort it out. Do not dispute on my board. I will count you among the turned and you will get tossed out for your trouble.

  For the most part, I trust you. Everyone gets that to start off with. :)
If you turn, I will fucking shoot you! So be good! X'D

  While I really don't think there are alot of say, ban-able offenses, and I would rather give the benefit of the doubt, I will warn you ahead of time, that failure to comply will result in ban. This is only really a last resort thing for me, and I will warn you and talk to you first. Typically, though, you would have to be pretty fucking bad for me of all people to ban you. So, hey, no porn (yes, even zombie/Cthulhu/gore/SH porn.) and you know from reading the above how I feel about hashing out battles. One thing that is easy to remember: If you can't be civil, GTFO.

  Then there are the games!!!! The rps and rpgs specifically! They are by approval only, part of why I did this is so that when people submit their character, they submit their birth date as well. I wanna make sure that only the 18+ crowd is playing this stuff, because let's face it, the content is gory and quite mature and I really don't want anyone underage coming in and mucking about in the game. I refuse to censor our games, primarily because of the graphic violence, suggestive themes, drug uses, ect.. and this is only the Silent Hill one, who knows what the Rpg will have in it! I just want my bases covered, I don't want a lawsuit, or kids to get suggestions or, like whatever.. So you have to submit a character sheet and birthday to play. :P

  If you have any questions, or maybe would like to submit content, please feel free to contact me @: drew_randi@yahoo.com
 You can email me, or get ahold of me via YIM at the same handle!  
 Your friendly neighborhood catlady/medic- R