Some interesting sites for crafts! 

For any knitters and crocheters, I found a Cthulhu ski mask on Raverly! have to pay for that pattern, but I think it is worth it. If I made my own pattern, I will upload it for yah. Also found on Ravelry, Insmouth Style fish people gloves! :D Keep toasty while you terrorize! That you can download for free! Ooh la la! X'D

Here are some freebies! And as always, if you happen to like the item, please write a thank you to the creator in the comments/guest book! It would probably mean alot to them to get some cool feedback! Cheers!

Cthulhu Dice Bag-

Dread Crocheted Cthulhu-

If you have any fun and horrifying craft ideas please send them to me to post! I will try to update this space often!

Octo-dogs. My family calls them Cthuhlu dogs.

 Octo-dogs, or as my family calls them, Cthulhu dogs! :D 

They are easy to make, I encountered them on a bento box cooking site. All you really need are hotdogs/sausages and a knife.

How you cook them is up to you. Although, I will say that I love to boil them, the tenticles curl nicely! All you need to do is

cut the bottom off of one end and slice two crosses going as far up as you want the tenticles to go, that way you have eight

tenticles. If that is hard you can go with just the four or even six, it still looks cool. Then Make the face, carving little eyes and 

a mouth! You can get an awesome tutorial here-

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