Chat Roulette is for zombies..

Posted by Randi Bospflug on Tuesday, May 25, 2010

 No brains, just a lot of peen...  

There was also an Elder God in attendence!

  Chat Roulette does teach us something valuable though... 
Sometimes you have to wade through a lot of dick, to find random awesome!
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Babies are natural zombie killers! :D

Posted by Randi Bospflug on Friday, April 30, 2010
This cute little guy loves plants vs zombies! He is SO CUTE! This redeems all baby kind!

Btw- the song the baby is dancing to, is on the discussion page. And I gotta say, I danced to it! Enjoy!

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Did you make the grade??

Posted by Randi Bospflug on Tuesday, April 27, 2010
 I took the zombie test, and got some pretty interesting results! I found this widget on site builder and thought it would be fun. I think I have also seen this on New Grounds, but I can't really remember! :P 

 I challenge you to see what you get! And be honest!! The test is better that way! My results are as follows:
  Physical rating- B 

 Mental rating- C

   Experience rating- D

   Emotional rating- F 


      Your knowledge, strength, and will to survive are unstopable. It would t...
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New L4D content!

Posted by Randi Bospflug on Sunday, April 25, 2010
Hey so I know zombie stuff has kind of taken over the board right now.. What can I say- They are infectious! 
Anyway, new content to bridge the gap between L4D and L4D 2 is out now! It's called The Passing, and what?! Bill is MIA?? Serious? Well, I don't know about you, but I HAVE TO FIND BILL! I am gonna leave you with a link to a trailer. You can download this sucker for XBOX360 and of course PC. 

I think I am gonna go make a sandwich and find Bill. An army marches on it's stomach you know...

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Posted by Randi Bospflug on Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Hey! I was thinking about my favorite stuff to blast zombies to! Dethklok is good, some Scapegoat (AS YOU HAVE ALREADY NOTICED ON THIS PAGE X'D), and.. oh crap what else? Does anyone have anything they really love tolisten to while they slay zombies/face Cthulhu/defend mankind? 

 Here are some on my playlist-
 Zombies- Scapegoat, Comet Song- Dethklok, Bloodlines- Dethklok, Hatred Copter- Dethklok, Kill you- Dethklok, Origa- Rise, Origa- Inner Universe, Lithium Flower- (I *think*) Mathew Sweet.

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Favorites and recomendations!

Posted by Randi Bospflug on Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Hey!! What do you love survival horror wise? 
I am a big Silent Hill fan, I also love most things H.P. Lovecraft!
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Posted by Randi Bospflug on Wednesday, March 17, 2010
For the record, let this be a place we can say hello and tell something about ourselves! 

My name is Randi, most people call me R.
Likes- Finger foods, Survival horror, swimming, and frosty long necks!
Dislikes- hmmm.. untrustworthy people, Kiwiis (because the look like shriveled sacs), censorship, and religious solicitors!
*looks around* Who's next? Don't be shy!!! :D

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Site Rules in General, please read first.

Posted by Randi Bospflug on Wednesday, March 17, 2010
  Ok, just a few things to keep it simple. Some of this is going to be dickish but 'dems the breaks! 
For the most part, the forums and chat will be for everyone, please keep this in mind when you talk or post. I am only pulling a password for the games. So that being said, try to keep language and content down to a dull roar. I am not really in it to censor, given our site's content, so most things are reasonable except for harassment, trolling, OCC drama (because mainly I don't really wanna ...
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About Me

R I love all things survival horror, especially the campier things, nothing says hysterical humor like zombie humor. Or maybe some campy Lovecraft movie. ^_^ In a survivor situation I am damn near the medic. I have great first aid skills, a limb hasn't been lost yet! I love to revive fallen pals, and I am not one for point, it almost always gets me killed! Weapon of choice, boom stick of course! ^_<
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