Posted by Randi Bospflug on Tuesday, May 25, 2010
                                                                                                         Forbidden Siren the Movie 
                    Submitted by- Randi Drew

     This movie was interesting, to start off with. For those of you a little new to Japanese Horror, Forbidden Siren's origins are with the Forbidden Siren game. Made around the time as the Silent Hill movie, Siren boasts a lot of the game's flair for the spooky. Does it deliver..??? Eh, well, sort of. One thing to reme...
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Sound and Survival Horror

Posted by Randi Bospflug on Thursday, May 6, 2010

                                       Sound and Survival Horror- 
                                                       Submitted by-Randi Drew

        Since the revolution of surround sound in games, we have seen a new experience in the next step of survival horror. SOUND! Ok, so I hear yah, we already have sound. :P Hear me out. Games with the induction of surround sound have given us a new platform for horror itself. Have you ever sat in the dark...
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Wtf Moments of survival Horror

Posted by Randi Bospflug on Thursday, May 6, 2010

  (Criminal Justice Major, or do we need to issue flyers around the neighborhood?)

               Randi's Top Ten List of Wtf Survival Horror Moments!
                                   Submitted by- Randi Drew
 Many of you who have been playing as long as I have, or maybe even longer have a small list of moments that simply defy logic! These moments not only defy rational thought, but often leave yo...
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Plants vs Zombies!

Posted by Randi Bospflug on Tuesday, April 27, 2010

                          PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES! Or- as I call it.. EPIC-STUPID FUN! 
                                                         Submitted by - Randi Drew

 Okay..So most of you that know me by now, know I am easily distracted by shinny things, cute things, and pulsing flashes of light. What? Like you aren't, okay so maybe you aren't. But that being said, other than say pinball, I haven't really had a game that has distracted me like this in...
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The Gripe!(A small rant discussing some of the more hysterical pitfalls of survival horror.)

Posted by Randi Drew on Sunday, April 18, 2010
                                                               The Gripe! 
      A small rant discussing some of the more hysterical pitfalls of survival horror: Written by- Randi Drew

      Ok, this week (hopefully, I can make this a weekly thing, we'll see), I will be discussing some of the more annoying things of our favorite genre. I have dubbed it B-syndrome. All horror games have an element of B-syndrome. From our more traditional games, for example, gro...
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ALTERED Reviewed by Simon Kelevra

Posted by Simon Kelevra on Friday, April 2, 2010
             Reviewed by- Simon Kelevra

 Two words: Fucking savage!
If you are any fan of sci-fi or horror, buy this movie.
I bought this true gem of a movie, directed by Edwardo Sanchez of The Blair Witch Project fame, at the Walmart $10 video rack, knowing nothing about it or even hearing about it. In just my lazy bit of research I did for this review I learned it was a direct to DVD release, which is sad considering most of the crap the entertainment indu...

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Posted by Randi Bospflug on Wednesday, March 17, 2010
This section will be featuring reviews by Simon Kelevra. From time to time I might also post a few things in here as well! 
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Simon Kelevra Simon is a writer of Sci-fi and Horror. He enjoys gaming, scary movies, Reeses' Peanut butter cups, survival horror, and computer gaming.
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